Bringing the classroom onto the beach in Hornsea Nursery School

This article, which first appeared in Teach Early Years magazine (February 2016 edition) Chris Williams, Early Language Consultant, describes a ‘beach school’ programme making waves in East Yorkshire. The resources available to nurseries and early years settings always extend beyond the walls of the building, whatever the weather. Following on from the successful and powerful impact of an […] Read more

Thousands Of Children Start School ‘Not Ready For The Classroom’, Parents’ Smartphone Habits To Blame

‘Kids know how to swipe a phone but haven’t a clue about conversations.’ Andrew Teale, headteacher at St Paul’s Church of England Primary School and National Leader of Education explains in this Huffington Post article “we have to find ways to use technology healthily to promote language development and interaction skills.” With chatta, we’ve found […] Read more

Let’s build a bridge with parents

Chief Schools Inspector Michael Wilshaw has often spoken freely with an “I blame the parents,” perspective which is frequently published by commentators in the media criticising modern parents as distracted and self-centred, often putting their own needs before those of their children quoting remarks such as “lax parenting” and “wider failings within families”. This type […] Read more