Introducing ‘Chatta Matters’: Launch Date 8th June 2018

Chatta Matters is a brand new weekly resource for parents and carers of children aged 5 and under. It includes full access to the powerful chatta  app, weekly activity ideas and resources and has been developed by early years experts. Chatta Matter and is available FREE* to parents and carers of schools/nurseries/childminders/Children’s Centres using ‘chatta’. ‘Chatta’ is […] Read more

Proud to be named part of the CE50 2018

The ‘chatta’ team are honoured and excited to be named in Creative England’s prestigious #CE50 list for 2018. This year’s cohort highlights the move towards technology and creativity merging to create meaningful solutions to real-world problems, with a focus on championing diversity, and giving a platform to unheard voices. Chatta has been acknowledged for developing new ways of doing things, […] Read more