Working with Local Authority Early Years Advisors

Chatta helps early years practitioners support children in making progress in early spoken language. Chatta: Offers schools a wealth of resources and training modules to help improve communication skills in early years, as well as supporting  special needs interventions, teaching English and improving writing. Closes gaps in attainment by helping children become better communicators, readers, writers and […] Read more

Evidence and Research informing the design of the ‘chatta’ approach and reflections on its impact.

What is chatta? Chatta is an approach to teaching and learning based on a distinct, transferable and simple pedagogical design. The approach was developed by Chris Williams and David Andrews following a large scale project with schools and nurseries delivered in partnership with Hull City Councils’ Early Years Team. Chris has a background in Special […] Read more

Interactions Improve Language Skills: How can ‘Chatta’ help?

The Times has reported that new  research published in the  Journal of Neuroscience. suggests that parents should concentrate on having conversations with their children. A child’s exposure to language can predict their linguistic and cognitive skills and later academic achievements, with “Oral Narrative Competence” being a proven indicator of future writing competence. The Times article […] Read more