chatta English

chatta English is a new and exciting way of teaching and learning English as a foreign language.

The high quality resources and training, developed by experienced specialist EFL teachers, enables students to accelerate their progress in speech and language development in English.


Students learn best through practical application of the language they are learning. chatta English, uses the power of audio-visual technology to engage students in speaking and listening activities when learning a new language.

If teachers use visual and verbal aids together, the students’ learning is better.

(Mayer & Sims, 1994) For whom is a picture worth a thousand words?

The chatta learner-centred approach gives students a deeper experience with language, allowing them to communicate effectively in English and all levels of proficiency.

By providing learners with opportunities to experience authentic language in use, they will develop the necessary oral skills to prepare them for the opportunities our global society presents.

chatta English Supports Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

Who is chatta English for?

Government and Regional Education Agencies

Schools (at nursery/kindergarten, primary and secondary level)

Language schools


International Schools