Amazing Progress: Daniel’s Chatta Journey

Daniel has dyslexia. Daniel’s mum, Dianne, explains how the Chatta approach has helped him.

How does Daniel use Chatta at home?

We primarily use Chatta for School homework, however when we first got Chatta we had great fun sending postcards to friends and relatives. It was a great way of sending thank you notes, enabling Daniel to say thank you in his own words and with his own humour.


Can you explain why he enjoys using it?

Primarily because it means he can communicate his words without writing so has enabled him real freedom of expression and importantly involvement. There is no pressure with Chatta, if he stumbles over his words he just re-records, he listens to his recording and if he isn’t happy he just re-records. His body language changes because of this freedom and as a result his thinking of what he is going to say has improved to become clearer and more structured. His diction has also improved.



Can you explain what impact and progress you have seen with Daniel’s use of Chatta?

Any parent of a dyslexic child will tell you that homework can become a different dimension in patience and frustration. The use of Chatta has stopped this. Daniel is no longer fazed by having to do homework, because the School has encouraged his participation with the homework in a way, through Chatta, that ensures he is involved and empowered to make his contribution. The value of this has given him a confidence that he has never had before, and I do believe because of this in tandem with the other learning support work in School, has allowed him to make such progress. Homework can be difficult for him, particularly when written, but Chatta means that we rarely now do the absolute minimum required but he can give expression to his thoughts about the homework subject.

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