How can Chatta support the development priorities of your school?

Chatta is a powerful teaching approach used in classrooms across the world. It links experiences, stories and subject content with images, modelled language and opportunities for oral rehearsal. Teachers find it ‘powerful’ and ‘simple’ and impact on communication  language and literacy is described as ‘phenomenal’.

More and more schools are choosing to work with Chatta and school leaders are recognising the many ways the powerful approach is supporting school development.

Key benefits in the classroom:

  • Extremely easy, supporting all subjects, levels and existing plans and activities.
  • Instant impact on Oracy, vocabulary, memory, confidence and writing.
  • Resources for whole class teaching
  • Resources for interventions 

Benefits for families:

  • All families have access to the ‘Chatta’ app and weekly activity resources
  • Parents/Carers find Chatta ‘exciting’ and ‘straightforward’
  • Family/Child interaction is increased.
  • Parents/Carers become involved in learning activities which have happened at school

Features of Chatta:

  • Evidence-informed
  • Multi award-winning
  • Full training and support
  • Ongoing training and impact review


Chatta offers 5 training and support modules:

  • EYFS
  • SEND
  • EAL
  • Oracy/Writing
  • Chatta Club (Closing gaps in attainment for disadvantaged children)

How Chatta works with schools:

We work with schools and groups of schools when school leaders identify a school development priority which Chatta can help with. This may be:

  • Language, communication and literacy 
  • Parental Engagement
  • Closing Gaps in attainment for disadvantaged pupils
  • Quality of teaching and learning
  • Development of vocabulary
  • Oracy
  • Supporting the development of long term memory.
  • Teaching English as an Additional language 
  • Bi-Lingual teaching 

Every half term we review progress and impact. We build strong, close and supportive relationships with the schools we work with.

And much more. We have yet to find a school which doesn’t have priorities and challenges we can help with.

Getting started:

To find out if Chatta is a good-fit for your school, multi-academy trust or local authority please contact our team at: or 0845 003 0896

We will help find out if Chatta is a perfect match for your priorities, and if it is we will help identify the ‘Chatta Champions’ and design a simple action plan. After that we will review progress and impact together every half term.

Training can be online or face-to-face and in-class demonstrations are available for all ages of pupils.

Contact us to find out why Chatta is one the world’s 100 leading education innovations. For sustained impact on teaching and learning, pupil progress, parental engagement and standards across the school, Chatta is the perfect impact, innovation and development partner.