Testimonial Search Results

Fiona Henry

EYFS Leader
Chatta is working a treat! The vocabulary the children are now using is amazing.

Abi Rodgers

Assistant Headteacher
Chatta's simple step by step approach to improving children's confidence, vocabulary and knowledge is so easy to implement.

Ruth Newton

Year 6 Teacher
Even at the end of the day, at the end of the week, all my children were are enthusiastic, keen to speak and keen to write when Chatta is supporting them.

Katie Hannah

EYFS teacher
I feel so passionate about the positive effects that Chatta has had on our children. I cannot recommend Chatta enough.

Gabrielle Deed

Special Needs Co-ordinator
Chatta is really helping children to be better communicators and it has been life-changing.

Cheryl Bowers

Senior Local Authority Advisor
High-quality training based on the very best practice which supports all children. Our schools need Chatta!