Chatta in Action: “The impact is amazing”

One school seeing the benefits of working with Chatta is Elloughton Primary School. The school has been using the Chatta approach, training, software and resources for over a year.

Deputy Head, Mrs Bramall agreed to answer some questions and share some details about Elloughton’s Chatta journey.

What first attracted your school to Chatta? 

We felt it was an innovative way to increase children’s language and communication skills.

What impact have you seen ?

The children love it! They are so responsive and engaged. It has really helped them structure their sentences and increased their vocabulary.

How have the Chatta team supported your school?

Chris has supported us whenever we have needed it. We have had demonstration sessions and follow ups. It’s been great!

How are you using Chatta to support progress in literacy across the school?

Currently we are using Chatta in EYFS and with small group interventions across school. It has been really powerful as a way of the children writing independently and structuring their writing.The children like that they can visually see the pictures and hear the oral sentences. We also use Chatta as a way for a writing prompt in the absence of an adult. We have used Chatta on our challenges to help the children with phonic and writing challenges.

What are the next steps for Chatta at Elloughton?

To use Chatta Matters with our Parents. To embed Chatta into KS2.

Do you recommend Chatta to other schools ? 

Yes definitely. The impact of Chatta is fabulous. The children’s responses to Chatta are amazing, they are so engaged and confident. We have seen an improvement in the children’s confidence and structure of their writing.