Chatta in Action at Woodland Primary School

Staff, children and parents in the Foundation Stage at Woodland Primary School in Hull have been using the Chatta software and resources for several months.


The aim is to help children develop skills in storytelling and oral narrative and a combination of Chatta’s training, software and resources is leading to positive outcomes for pupils, strong parent participation and a clear recognition from staff that Chatta is making an impact.


So how does it work?


Chatta fits in with all the activities which make up a foundation stage classroom – everything leads to a story, everything has a beginning, middle and end so every activity can lead to a narrative.


Each week, class teacher Mrs Lazenby presents Chatta resources to the children, based on what they have been learning about at school.


Last week the children had been experiencing ‘all the fun of the fair’ and the classroom was set up with hoop-la, hook-a-duck and fairground stalls to give an exciting experience to the children.


Capturing images of the main events allowed the teachers to discuss these later with the children and combine the images with modelled language to simply build an audio-visual resource (we call them ‘chats’) to be sent home to parents and carers, almost like a talking postcard.

Parents are very receptive to Chatta. They enjoy receiving the ‘chats’ and letting their children tell them all about the learning that has been taking place at school, practising telling them stories and building skills in oral narrative.


The other thing parents like about Chatta is that they get the Chatta app, along with ‘Chatta Matters’ providing weekly activity ideas and a wealth of resources. Parents can make their own stories with their children based on whatever exciting (or everyday) activities they have been involved in, ranging from a day at the park, a visit to Grandma’s or playing a favourite game. Parents enjoy watching their children’s creativity come alive as they make their own imaginative audio-visual stories using the very same approach they experience every day at school.


Teacher Mrs Lazenby said “Chatta has been fantastic as it enables me to capture the ‘here and now’ of the day.  I take pictures of practical activities that the children have taken part in, for example baking, 2D shape printing, play dough cutting.  When the children are gathered around the large IWB, perhaps at the end of the day, we look at the images together. I model the language for each image and the children take turns in recording their own voices, speaking about the things they have taken part in.  I feel I can use chatta for just about anything and the focus will always be centred around language and of course sequencing. I am excited to have chatta in the classroom.  It is just brilliant.”


Parents are also enjoying seeing the impact of Chatta. Bobby’s mum said


“He loves school. He’s really enjoyed the Chatta stories and I can see how much it helps his learning.”


Chatta founder, Chris Williams has been attending sessions at the school and has met many of the parents.

“Woodland Primary is a very strong school which provides wonderful experiences for the children and has excellent relationships with very supportive parents and carers. I‘m delighted with the progress the children are making and that Chatta can be part of that.”


There are lots of Chatta schools and nurseries around the UK, if you’d like to find out how to make a start for your school/nursery, please contact: