Chatta Free Trial Projects for Groups of Schools

Chatta is offering free trial projects to groups of schools.

We have upcoming projects in Rochdale, Sheffield, East Riding and Hull (and have room for 2  more projects in January).

The approach is simple, evidence-informed and extremely powerful in teaching students of any age with proven impact in communication, language and literacy, as well as memory and wider learning.

Chatta takes quality first teaching to a new level and impacts on all groups of pupils by improving teaching for everyone.

Chatta engineers activities that ensure ALL students say words, practise using words, put the words into sentences, read the words in context and, later recall the words.  Systematically, deliberately and routinely ( and much more).

Teachers frequently continue to describe ‘phenomenal’ impact and even ‘a million times better than anything else’.

We can run trial projects for #EYFS #eal #send #oracy  #literacy #writing and more and are looking for local authorities and school leaders to contact us about being involved.

Chatta can sound too good to be true – until you see what it does. 

Contact me about a free trial in January.

If you believe in making a difference and doing things better, why wouldn’t you?