How can parents help with earky language development?

Schools and nurseries using the ‘Chatta’ approach always work hard to involve parents and carers. One of the most powerful aspects of Chatta is that schools and families are using the same methods and resources, and Chatta was designed to make that effortless.

How does it work?

Chatta is very easy and is based on using pictures to illustrate stories – building simple storyboards and adding voice recordings to to each image. The stories are usually based on what has been learned at school that week for example – following instructions for a recipe, or learning about the life of a historical character or making a tower from lego. Anything really. The more people use Chatta the more things it can be used to teach. People use it for stories, science, maths, history, phonics- the list goes on!

These stories (Chats) are presented to the children and together with their teachers they add words to the stories – making recordings which can be played back, listened to, improved and shared. Usually, once a week, one of these “Chats” is shared with parents/carers and they can listen to it with their child. The main purpose of this is to allow the child to retell the story, or explain the activity to their parent. Lots and lots of opportunities for practise and linking stories and experiences with modelled language and oral rehearsal.

Chatta is very powerful and very quickly children are thinking, speaking and subsequently writing in sentences.

The parents enjoy receiving the “chats” and know exactly how to use them as their children are already familiar with working this way.

As well as the regular ‘chats’ sent from school all parents and carers of children attending schools/nurseries/Children’s Centres using Chatta have full free access to ‘Chatta Matters’

Chatta Matters provides weekly activity ideas and resources for parents/carers and full access to the award-winning Chatta app.

This is what parents think about ‘Chatta Matters’

“I love it. The app is so simple. My son makes his own stories all the time.” Laura, Sheffield

“The activity ideas are all so easy and we look forward to doing them together.” Jade, York

“What a great way to support learning.” Claire, Liverpool

To join Chatta Matters ask your nursery or school for the access code and request to join the Facebook group “Chatta Matters”

If your school/nursery is not working with Chatta the subscription cost for “Chatta Matters” is £5/month and includes:

  • Full guidance and support for getting started
  • Email and telephone support 
  • Chatta app user licence ( suitable for Apple and Android phones and tablets)
  • Weekly activity ideas and resources
  • Chatta resources: Play, Stories, Songs & Rhymes

Contact: to find out more.