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Chatta – Online Demonstration and Free Trial

Following our recent, strong and positive response to chatta at Bett Asia in Kuala Lumpur and due to high demand in the UK, we are now offering online demonstrations and trials of the chatta approach.  


Online demonstrations are now available and can be booked using the link below.


Chatta is an approach designed for teachers and nursery practitioners to maximise children’s progress in oral fluency.  Chatta links experiences and stories with modelled language and promotes essential oral rehearsal and sequencing skills.  The chatta approach gives children confidence and independence and provides the essential link between thinking and writing.  


Chatta involves parents and carers like nothing else and ensures that everyone is focused on doing the most important things to give children the very best start in life.


Chatta is “Powerful”

Chatta is “Life-changing”

Chatta is “So simple but absolutely ingenious”

The approach is effective and fully resourced for:


  • Early Years teachers and practitioners
  • Teaching English as an Additional Language
  • Special Needs Interventions (including Autism and Dyslexia interventions)
  • Oracy across the curriculum (leading to writing at greater depth)


If you are a Headteacher, Early Years Leader, Literacy Co-ordinator, Special Needs Co-ordinator or EAL Lead please register for a 20 minute online demonstration and free 14 day trial of the Chatta approach.


There is nothing like Chatta. Nothing impacts more quickly on learning and language. Chatta is a proven pedagogical approach which is now in use in countries across the world.


Book your online demonstration and free trial today.


Hit the ground running in 2018: Learning, Language and Progress are about to reach to a whole new level.



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