Giving children the best possible start


Chatta provide unique training and resources to enable childminders to support the children in their care in becoming effective communicators

Chatta can be used to support children from around the age of 18 months and throughout primary school. Chatta provides training and support to enable all childminders to ensure outstanding learning and development opportunities. 

Chatta Childminder Training

Chatta’s accessible and easy to follow online training with certificate and resources quickly prepare childminders to start working with the unique proven chatta approach. Chatta’s childminder guide includes adaptable activity ideas, examples of chatta in action, working with parents and carers and everything needed to make every learning experience stronger.

The chatta approach has had a huge impact on the progress of the children I look after. The parents have been very positive and really value the way chatta allows us to work in partnership.

Margaret Lonsdale
Registered Childminder

Childminder Projects

Childminders Projects

Chatta for childminders includes:

The growing bank of childminder projects and activity ideas support play and learning with a continued focus on the development and progress of children in communication and language.

chatta App with User and Video Guide

The chatta app (iOS and Android) uses audio visual technology to build up a diary of events and memories. Adult descriptions provide a powerful model for the children to listen to and link language to their experiences.

Parent Partnership

‘Chats’ can be shared using the chatta app, giving parents instant access to their child’s spoken language activities which will encourage further dialogue in the home.

Chatta App Users Guide

Childminder Updates

Childminders can access a growing bank of ideas and activities which can be used to support play, learning and parent partnerships.

Ongoing Support

Chatta’s team of experts in child development and early education provide ongoing support and help for childminders.