Giving children the best start in life

Children's Centres

The chatta approach helps Children's Centres to engage the most disadvantaged families to support their children in becoming effective communicators

Every child deserves the best start in life and this is a great project. As digital technology is reshaping our lives on a daily basis and the way we communicate, this new app for parents is an effective way to support their child’s learning and development. Chatta helps children become better communicators, readers, writers and thinkers, offering huge benefits for when they start primary school.

Phil Webster
Portfolio holder for learning, skills and safeguarding children / Hull City County Council

I have never before seen such an impact on children’s engagement and progress in language. chatta improves the well-being and progress of all young children and helps families give their children the very best start.

Angela Long
Children’s Centre Practitioner

Chatta is a unique approach designed to Improve outcomes for young children and their families. Chatta supports all families and includes a particular focus on the most disadvantaged families, in order to reduce inequalities in child development and school readiness.

Communication and Language

The main aim of chatta for Children’s Centres is to improve outcomes for all young children, so that they are happy, healthy and ready for school. Practitioners and activity leaders can include the approach in all sessions and activities for families with children of all ages. Focusing on the most important areas of development with the emphasis placed on communication and language, chatta gives parents and carers access to an approach they can easily and successfully use at home.

Children's Centres
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Chatta for Children’s Centres includes:

  • Training for practitioners (online/face to face)
  • Activity ideas and resources
  • Chatta app ( iOS/Android)
  • Helpdesk support and regular impact review
  • Parent partnership resources.