The incredible effect of images

This weekend it was a privilege to work with a large number of families at a national event organised by The National Deaf Children’s Organisation. chatta led a number of workshops for parents and carers with deafness and hearing impairments. 

Many of the children had received surgery and had cochlear implants and had hearing aids. One of the reasons chatta had been invited to share the chatta approach and teaching process was to support families of children who are developing spoken communication.

One of the key elements parents are using, now their children are able to  hear and say words, is continued repetition of words, phrases, songs, rhymes and greetings. chatta supports this in so many ways.

Chatta focuses on experiences, memories, language and repetition. chatta‘s comprehensive and accessible training brings all practitioners an invaluable insight into the development of spoken language and they can play to ensure the most impact. Images are central to this process.

The power of the use of vision for learning is emphasized by developmental molecular biologist, John Medina, where in his publication Brain Rules he states:

“Vision Trumps All Other Senses”

“We are incredible at remembering pictures. Hear a piece of information, and three days later you’ll remember 10% of it. Add a picture and you’ll remember 65%. Professionals everywhere need to know about the incredible inefficiency of text-based information and the incredible effects of images.”

chatta links experiences with language, communication and experiences and makes extensive use of relevant and meaningful images. Supported by training ( both online and face to face) chatta accelerates the process of developing fluent communication.. chatta‘s accessible and comprehensive training (both online and face to face) ensures all early years practitioners understand the importance of experiences and modelled/repeated language. chatta is moving forward in supporting families of deaf children and feedback and research evidence continues to report that the powerful chatta process ensures progress for all children in language (and non-verbal) communication.

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