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Early Years

All children need to build a deeper understanding of order and sequence which leads to oral fluency and narrative competence.

Chatta’s unique approach to early years teaching and learning provides all children with the very best foundations to achieve and exceed essential early years milestones in communication and language.

The chatta approach has had a marked impact on speech and language development in children considered able and average in this area and also for those who have been identified with a specific speech, language and communication issue

Year Long Independent Controlled Trial 
National Teaching School Partner Alliance

Once you’ve joined we will fully support the implementation of chatta to meet your school’s exact needs to help ensure impact. You’ll also get access to a wealth of Early Years resources, chatta app (iOS and Android), training videos/slides/notes and guides, including:

Staff chatta Champion Training

The chatta online training ensures long term effective professional development for every early years practitioner. With a balanced focus on theory and practice, every setting can maximise the impact on children’s spoken language development in an accessible way.

This training is an essential introduction to working with chatta. The online “chatta champion” training acts as a guide for practitioners to lead training sessions for colleagues.

staff Training

High quality training based on the very best practice which supports all children. Our schools need chatta!

Cheryl Bowers
Senior Early Years Advisor, Hull
Chatta App Users Guide

chatta App with User and Video Guide

The chatta app (iOS and Android) uses audio visual technology to build up a diary of events and memories. Linking images and voice recordings, children build up to a deeper understanding of order and sequence, leading to oral fluency and narrative competence. Adult descriptions provide a powerful model for the children to listen to and link language to their experiences.


Our ever growing bank of projects can be used to support play and learning within every setting. The activities support children’s development in communication and language and can be linked to learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Chatta Projects
Parent Guide Image

Parent Resources

These resources are designed to provide schools with everything they need to present a parent/carer workshop and provide information about the setting’s use of chatta. ‘Chats’ can be shared using the chatta app, giving parents instant access to their child’s spoken language activities which will encourage further dialogue in the home.

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