Emma Hardy MP visited Paisley Primary School to see Chatta in action

A visit from Emma Hardy MP to Paisley Primary School

Paisley Primary School has seen ‘phenomenal’ impact for children since beginning working with Chatta 12 months ago. Progress in speaking and writing has been strong and sustained. The number of children in EYFS exceeding age related expectations in writing has rocketed.

Chatta’s success at Paisley has been linked closely to vision, leadership, partnership and staff development.

When Paisley Primary began working with Chatta the school’s development priorities were focused on communication, language and literacy in early years. The school’s leaders chose to prioritise the implementation of Chatta for children who were below age-related expectations and also those who had the potential to exceed them.

Chatta activities were placed on the timetable and there was an expectation that implementation would lead to impact. The school chose experienced staff member Mrs Parker to lead Chatta.

The relationship between the school has been very good, and this is how we like it at Chatta. We like schools to ask for help, we like schools to share good news and we like schools to trust us. Our team work, as development partners, with lots of schools. We always listen closely to school leaders so we can make sure our training, support and resources always match the school’s development priorities.

It was a pleasure to welcome MP for Hull West and Hessle, Emma Hardy, to Paisley Primary School last month. Emma is a former teacher and member of the Education Select Committee and she is committed to supporting schools and fights hard for improvements to school funding, in these increasingly challenging times for schools.

The children in Foundation stage were pleased to meet Emma. They were interested in her job, her holiday plans, her hobbies and interest. They were especially interested when Emma started telling them about the mice, which can sometimes be seen scurrying around the Houses of Parliament!

The children gave Emma a guided tour of the classroom. They took her to the construction area, showed her outside, took her to play in the sand and showed real pride in their classroom. All of the activities became a Chatta story which helped the children talk and write about Emma’s visit.

Click on the link below to listen to the ‘chat’ made about Emma’s visit:


Paisley Primary School is a school we are proud to work with. Emma isn’t the first visitor the school has invited to see Chatta in action, and hopefully she won’t be the last.