Huge Progress: Tyler’s Chatta Story

Tyler is 7 and is autistic. The Chatta Approach has been used by both Tyler’s school and his family. Tyler’s mum, Lindsey, explains here: How does Tyler use Chatta at home?

Tyler uses Chatta daily at home taking pictures throughout the day.

It maybe doing a activity, something he has shown a particular interest in or capturing those proud moments.

He later sits down at the end of the day and reflects on the days events. We discuss it and then he sits and compiles his pictures and lastly records his own voice telling his own story of events that day.

The following day he will proudly show his story to friends and teachers in school.

Can you explain why he enjoys using it?

Tyler has always been a huge fan of technology I personally knew this app would be a huge hit. It connects a excellent link between both school and home. It is really simple and easy to use and Tyler picked it up like a professional.

Can you explain what impact and progress you have seen with Tyler’s use of Chatta?

He really struggled to verbalise his needs and wants which reduced his confidence. It is astonishing to look back on on his early days of his speech recordings barely recognising his singular words. He is speaking in full sentences and his pronunciation of words has developed hugely. He has now found a way to tell his own story with confidence. He is a huge show off!! It makes us emotional looking back on his huge progress.

How does Chatta help your relationship and communication with school?

One of my favourite things about the app is the school use it too. They use it daily with Tyler and just before he heads home they sit, discuss and create a new chatta diary. When he arrives home he takes it out of his school bag and shows me his chatta. I know all about his days activities and what he had for lunch. Tyler is always happy to show off his work. Before chatta Tyler would never communicate this information to me.

How you think other families would benefit from Chatta?

I think most families would benefit for chatta. I simply see no negatives. I have always been open and willing to try anything to aid Tyler’s communication. Tyler’s younger brother loves to get involved too. It has definitely  had a huge impact on our family.

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