Hungry Little Minds

In the U.K. there is a growing profile of ideas, initiatives and information supporting and promoting early language development for children under 5 . Yesterday’s government announcement of ‘Hungry Little Minds’ promotes play, stories and interaction. Chatta completely supports the values of the initiative, and for our part we will be submitting an entry to the Home Learning Environment App Competition.

Early language development is the top priority in the government’s long term social mobility agenda ‘Unlocking Talent, Fulfilling Potential’ and this emphasis has helped the profile of ‘Chatta’ and led to productive meetings with the BBC, support from ITV, conversations with the Department for Education and strong connections with leading universities and charitable trusts.

The impact of Chatta is strong and evidence is growing. A 2 year project in a single postcode area of Hull saw over 500 families engage with Chatta and the percentage of 5 year old children across the district achieving or exceeding age-related expectations in ‘Speaking’ increased from 49% to 69%, and up to 83% for those who had accessed Chatta. A study by Ignite Teaching School identified 40% more progress for children who worked with Chatta compared to those in a control group. Impact in a number of schools has not only been in speaking, but in writing, especially at higher levels.

Alongside an extremely powerful whole-class teaching approach, a strong outcome of Chatta, which leads to progress for children is the increase in quality and quantity of parent/child interactions. Whilst Chatta’s impact is not restricted to early years (as many of our schools use our approach and resources for closing gaps in attainment for pupils of all ages, SEND interventions, EAL support and writing across the curriculum) we are proud to be making a powerful impact in a society-wide drive to ensure children’s language development prepares them to achieve success in education and fulfil their potential.

If you’d like to see the impact of Chatta, both in the classroom and beyond please contact: