Independent Controlled Trial

chatta was developed in Hull alongside hundreds of early years practitioners and under the guidance of senior early years advisors along with the continued input of speech and language therapists.

It is a way of teaching that links play, experiences, learning and above all language development. It has taken almost two years to prepare the training, resources, website, mobile app and support team and we treat it with great care and a sense of protection because it is special. It is special because it changes lives. It really does!

Chatta supports early years practitioners and maximises the impact of their hard work and dedication. It supports all children of all abilities, ages and stages. It provides practitioners with the deepest most accessible understanding of development and fits with existing practises effortlessly and seamlessly. It builds the strongest relationships with parents and carers. But above all it works.

Chatta successfully challenges one of the biggest problems facing children and future educational attainment: Communication and Language – as highlighted here by Save The Children and here in this week’s Times Educational Supplement. 

So how do we know it works? We’ve always had the strongest feedback and stories of new and unexpected progress reported by nursery staff, parents, teachers and speech therapists. But to us, and some of the people wanting to find out more about chatta that could never be enough. People need data and evidence. Research to provide proof.

We have always believed that chatta is powerful enough to change educational outcomes on a large scale and were excited to get the opportunity to have chatta (teaching process, training, resources, app, helpline etc) independently reviewed. This review started a year ago with baseline assessments and study design and control groups and all of the things researchers need put in place. We didn’t hear much along the way, there were some technical things to iron out but apart from that we didn’t know how things were going.

We recently received the report and the results, one year on. The data tells us that pupils using chatta made better than expected progress in communication and language. It tells us that children using chatta exceeded the rate of progress of children not experiencing the chatta approach by 25%. Also 100% of chatta children achieved a good level of development and the majority exceeded it, in contrast to 50% of children in the control group.

The report recommended further study. On a larger scale. It found chatta was an extremely effective intervention that made a marked and significant impact for all groups of children including the most able.

The report told us what we knew. It told us what Margaret, a childminder from Hull knew. It told us what Angela, children’s centre activity leader knew. It told us what Anna, a primary SENCo already knew. It told us what Andrew, a primary headteacher knew.

chatta works like nothing else.

And now we can tell the world.

Further details of this year-long independent trial will be published on the chatta website in the coming weeks and copies of the report will be available on request.