Introducing ‘Chatta Matters’: Launch Date 8th June 2018

Chatta Matters is a brand new weekly resource for parents and carers of children aged 5 and under. It includes full access to the powerful chatta  app, weekly activity ideas and resources and has been developed by early years experts.

Chatta Matter and is available FREE* to parents and carers of schools/nurseries/childminders/Children’s Centres using ‘chatta’.

‘Chatta’ is an award-winning simple approach we are using to support children’s progress in language and literacy development. 

‘Chatta’ uses an app to create stories based on photos taken on smartphones and provides lots of ways to make the most of every learning opportunity.

To access ‘Chatta Matters’ which includes weekly family activity ideas as well as free access to the powerful ‘chatta’ app please register online here:

*subscription cost for parents/carers of children not attending participating settings is £5/month (4 issues of Chatta Matters) with no contract.