Kicking Off With Writing

 For teachers wanting to make an impact on writing for:

  • All pupils in KS2
  • Pupils who like sport
  • Disengaged and reluctant writers
  • Pupils needing support to achieve ‘writing at greater depth’.

‘Kicking of with Writing’ is  brilliant whole-class or intervention resource designed to engage, excite, inspire and raises standards in the use of spoken language and writing outcomes.

The project uses the unique ‘chatta’ approach which links sequences of images

within modelled language and opportunities for oral rehearsal.

This high-impact project is perfect for teachers interested in linking literacy with sport. Pupils create and design their own football team and then experience the team’s journey of challenges and successes- each of which provides the perfect preparation for high quality writing all children can be proud of.

The football team experiences defeats, injustice, triumphs, mesmerising skill on the pitch and heart-in-the-mouth tension. Everything that might happen to a real life sports team, but it’s happening to the team your pupils created so means so much more.

All writing tasks are transferable across the full primary curriculum, and are also relevant and accessible for KS3 pupils and intervention groups.

Genres off Writing Covered:

  • Non-chronological report
  • Explanation
  • Formal Writing
  • Persuasive Writing
  • Interview
  • Instructions
  • Formal Letters
  • Chronological Report
  • Description
  • Report
  • Commentary
  • Playscript
  • Lists
  • Journalistic Writing
  • Recount

“Kicking Off With Writing” is available to all schools using the chatta ‘Oracy Across The Curriculum’

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