Liverpool Project – Improving Outcomes in Oracy and Writing for Children in the EYFS

Liverpool Project Update

The chatta Oracy/Writing project presented in partnership with School Improvement Liverpool is well underway following the second training session for participating EYFS teachers from across Liverpool. The project combines the powerful “chatta” approach with structured progression in spoken language, beginning with phase one phonics and leading to extended outcomes in writing.



The central elements are:

  • Our goal is oral narrative competence with high expectations and ambitious language expectations for all children
  • Outcomes build on the very best play and experience based stimuli and meaningful context
  • Modelled Language combined with oral rehearsal (and reflection and improvement)
  • Parents involvement throughout (fully participating and central to the approach)

Today, we had a closer look at the chatta resources and activity ideas and the best ways to involve parents and Carers. We also spent time developing the application of the chatta process in the context of non-fiction genres.

The first stage of this evaluated project finishes in January. Chatta is a powerful approach with impact in:
Oracy (KS1/2),

The focus of the Liverpool project is writing outcomes and spoken communication and the project is designed to address the growing challenge of children starting school behind in expected levels of language development.


Chatta is available and ready to change outcomes for children in your country/local authority/trust/school/home.

Please contact for more information.