How can we close the word gap in the early years?

The UK Government’s top priority in the policy to improve social mobility through education is this:

Ambition 1 – Close the ‘word gap’ in the early years.

Chatta achieves this and much more. This feedback below is from Mrs Parker, the Chatta Champion at Paisley Primary School.

I have seen a massive impact on the children that I have been working with over just a term. 

At the beginning of term we had a child who had already spent three terms with us as an  F1 and was reluctant to speak and within four weeks he stood up in front of his F2 class and recalled a Charlie and Lola story after using Chatta to scaffold the story alongside a friend.His little group are now eager to talk to give me examples of sentence I can use to record and enjoy hearing their own sentences.

Also recently with an exceeding group they have been constructing longer sentences and also writing a full sentence looking at  high frequency words and using sounding and blending.

The children are excited to be coming to work with Chatta  and also eager to gain a Chatta Champion certificate for amazing speaking.

I have had several lump in my throat moments and tears in my eyes with how much the children have developed over a short period of time. I am so proud of the progress they are making.