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McMillan Nursery School

Making an impact with chatta


Chatta is a great way of documenting children’s language and sharing it with parents and others. I’ve seen some fascinating images and heard the children retelling stories, talking about their play, and expressing their ideas. To hear a 4 year old who arrived in England only a few months ago being able to retell a story she had been listening to was pretty inspiring!

Andrew Shimmin, Headteacher

McMillan Nursery School in the North of Hull is a popular and innovative nursery school. The nursery is an original McMillan nursery and is influenced by the principles of the McMillan sisters. Outdoor learning and creativity are strong values of the setting.

We work together to create a happy community where all children, parents and staff do their best and achieve great things.

McMillan Nursery School Vision

The chatta approach, has led to enriched practitioner/child relationships, stronger parental partnerships and has improved outcomes for children with SEND and EAL.

Through working with chatta, staff at McMillan Nursery School have engaged with:

  • In school training with the chatta team
  • Classroom demonstration sessions
  • Chatta activity resources
  • Online and telephone support
  • Parent partnership resources
McMillan Nursery

Chatta is a fantastic way of opening up communication lines between a practitioner and a child. There is nothing more powerful than a child who can see and listen to something he has done.

Madeline Palmer, Nursery teacher

Reflecting on Play

At McMillan the staff use chatta to support oral reflections of free play activities and choices. The emphasis is on modelling language for oral rehearsal and sequencing events of the day. These ‘chats’ are shared with parents to be used as a starting point for talking at home.

I have found Chatta really useful. Children who were very shy initially have become more confident when speaking about the images. The children’s response has been wonderful. They are very eager to hear their own voice.

Kerri Tonks, Nursery Teacher

Offsite Visit

The modelling and rehearsal of language linked to photographs prompts children to recall details of their visits. The shared ‘chats’ strengthen parental engagement.

We also are sharing Chats with parents and it is an instant way of giving parents an insight into what their child has been doing. The response from our parents has been very positive.

Madaline Palmer, Nursery Teacher

English as an Additional Language

The chatta approach has an immediate impact on children who are learning a new language. Images of daily events and activities can be linked to single word vocabulary, progressing to captions and sentences.