Giving children the best start in life


The chatta approach allows young children to become confident and effective communicators

Chatta is a great way of documenting children’s language and sharing it with parents and others. I’ve seen some fascinating images and heard the children retelling stories, talking about their play, and expressing their ideas. To hear a 4 year old who arrived in England only a few months ago being able to retell a story she had been listening to was pretty inspiring!

Andrew Shimmin
Headteacher / McMillan Nursery School

I attended a chatta training course with a colleague. When the day had finished we both felt so inspired. We couldn’t stop coming up with ideas. The first step was training the staff. I used the online videos and resources to run a training session for all of the practitioners. The staff recognise the effectiveness and value of chatta immediately. Everything is so simple. The link between experiences, pictures and language is very powerful. The staff cannot believe how simple things are and we are noticing big improvements in the quality of language used by the children, and actually the staff too. Every child has a chatta profile and we are sharing chats with parents. The response from parents has been amazing. They love learning about what their children are doing and being able to join in with the spoken voice recordings that are part of the chats. The parents are replying to the chats too, they are sharing their experiences and comments with the staff. It’s very powerful and I can see how it all fits together to support spoken language. chatta is just brilliant!

Gemma Grace
Nursery Manager / Little Acorns Nursery