A picture held us captive

Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein in his work 1953 work Philosophical Investigations considered the links between pictures and language a great deal. The author would probably not have imagined the pace at which we now can take, view and share pictures.

Children are exposed to a varying range of experiences as they grow and learn. Each of these brings a sensory or emotional response and it is the language they hear which is associated with these experiences and makes connections. We can immediately take a picture of everything they do, and everything they see. 

Taking pictures of what we do reinforces memories of sensations and emotions. Looking back at holiday pictures or photographs of special family occasions can be a very powerful experience. There are times when an image can even trigger memories of someone’s voice, or the words that were said.

With chatta we take pictures of things children are doing and we link those images sequentially. chatta’s unique training and teaching approach aims to build oral narrative skills and places an emphaises on modelling language associated with experiences.

If we lived in a world without spoken words we would still feel joy, fear, cold, love and other sensations and emotions. We learn words as we hear them repeatedly and begin to use them. Pictures are central to “chatta” as is language.

chatta puts spoken language at the forefront of everything. Words and pictures go hand in hand in every subject and at every level.

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