What is the best early years communication and language intervention?

Katie Hannah, EYFS Teacher at Elloughton Primary School contacted the Chatta team to let us know the impact she had seen using Chatta in her class for a year.  “I feel so passionate about the positive effects that Chatta has had on our children.”

Her schools has used Chatta in a variety of ways in their everyday classroom life.  Chats are made together with the children to help embed daily routines such as washing hands.  The audio/visual Chatta approach supports children who find some activities harder to process. “It has been amazing to watch the growing confidence of our children and see them independently accessing these chats to reinforce instructions. The children have loved making the chats and sharing them with the rest of the class,” explains Katie.

Chatta has had a powerful effect on storytelling both retelling orally and in the children’s writing.

“The children’s faces light up and it has been incredible watching their story telling and confidence develop.”

Katie also has been involved in introducing  Chatta into Year One. “It was a joy to see the positive impact it also had on our slightly older children. After scaffolding language, the children recorded their own and then moved onto using it as a storyboard for their stories and planning which allowed them to edit and improve their language choices.”

Chatta has supported the SEN pupils in Year One.  “The progress in one of our SEN pupils who was a reluctant writer was amazing and it gave him a new love of writing.”

Katie looks forward to using Chatta in the future and feels she can rely on the Chatta team to support her and her colleagues. “I cannot recommend Chatta enough and have enjoyed the start of our journey which I know is only the start of what Chatta has to offer. But we cannot thank the Chatta team enough for their passion and continued support in ensuring that we are utilising Chatta to its true potential.”