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Chatta’s online training, software, resources and development support can match the needs and priorities of all schools delivering exceptional value and strong impact.

How much does Chatta cost?

You can harness the power of Chatta in your school for less than the cost of a day’s CPD.

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4
Annual subscription £300 per user £200 per user £3,000 POA
Subscriptions Individual 10-14 Teachers Whole School *

Bespoke pricing for - MATs, LEAs, TSAs, Collaborative Groups and Consortiums.

INSETs, Twilights, Webinars and Customised Training.

Our online training is perfect to turn your team into Chatta Champions but we are happy to provide special training events to help you squeeze that extra impact from your investment in Chatta.

Please contact us for details.

Full online training. A modular course that will guide you through your first month as a Chatta teacher
Support with onboarding/action plan
Ongoing support
Termly impact review
Chatta’s unique cloud-based teaching platform
Library of Chatta activities and classroom resources
35 family access licenses per class for Chatta@Home resources
Usage and impact analytics
School development support for SLT
Group webinar support/training
* Up to 40 subscriptions. Add more for £70 each PA.
All costs exclude VAT.

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