Proud to be named part of the CE50 2018

The ‘chatta’ team are honoured and excited to be named in Creative England’s prestigious #CE50 list for 2018.

This year’s cohort highlights the move towards technology and creativity merging to create meaningful solutions to real-world problems, with a focus on championing diversity, and giving a platform to unheard voices.

Chatta has been acknowledged for developing new ways of doing things, bringing fresh ideas and perspective into the craft of storytelling, designing a platform that adopts the latest technologies and creating new ways for us to interact with each other, the world and our environment.

So, why was ‘chatta’ chosen?

(feedback from delegates at Creative England Live 2018, at Facebook HQ, London)

“Chatta was designed and developed to address a specific problem and growing challenge.”

“Nothing like Chatta exists.” 

“Chatta was developed based on many proven and evidence-informed educational approaches and philosophies and made into something so very simple.”

 “It has been called the ‘purest and most perfect’ way of teaching and learning by parents seeing impact and progress previously unimaginable.”

 “Whilst many in education reinvent the wheel – chatta has removed the wheel, bypassed wings and gone straight for lightspeed.”

If you work with children and want to give them the very best start in life you will not find anything more powerful than ‘chatta’.