Research and Evidence: The Education Foundation Toolkit


Since chatta was developed it has been important to ensure that the approach was informed by and aligned with research evidence and data informing educators about what works and doesn’t in terms of making an impact on pupil progress.

The Education Endowment Foundation Early Years Toolkit is a powerful and helpful resource which can guide nursery managers and school leaders when making decisions about investment in staff, training and resources.

The toolkit presents summaries of the impact of a range of approaches and interventions. Communication and language approaches have been identified as having a significant impact on closing gaps in attainment. Other elements which are central to chatta’s design include parental engagement and teaching self-regulation strategies, both of these are proven to be highly effective.

One interesting element within the toolkit concerns the role of digital technology which is considered to have some impact however the research points out that:

  • Introducing new technology does not automatically lead to improved educational outcomes. How will you use the technology to support learning?
  • Early years professionals need support and time to learn to use new technology effectively. This involves more than just learning how to use the technology; it should include support to understand how it can be used to improve learning.
  • It is important to evaluate the impact of using new technology. Have you considered how you will evaluate the impact of any new approaches?

The toolkit points out that “Introducing new technology on its own is unlikely to have an impact; it must be accompanied by a change in pedagogy to improve learning”


It is becoming more and more clear that it is this consistent, secure and effective pedagogy that is often a missing link. Frequent feedback from teachers and practitioners tell us that the chatta approach provides the pedagogical foundations to use digital technology in a way which leads to huge impact.

chatta’s key goals of pupil progress, practitioner effectiveness and parent partnership are achieved immediately and continually because of the technology which has been designed solely to support the chatta pedagogical approach.

chatta combines the very best approaches to support progress in communication and language with powerful use of digital technology. It is important for education professionals to continually consider and evaluate the impact approaches they are using.

For future research projects and randomised controlled trials, including those supported by the Education Endowment Fund, the chatta team is actively looking for further engagement with the education research community. If this is an area you work in and you feel you would be interested in being part of the ongoing evaluation and review of chatta, please get in touch.


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