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This term 10 schools in Rochdale have started working with Chatta. Parents, staff and children have been using the simple approach and there has already been a significant impact on pupil progress and outcomes.

Early Years Teaching and Learning advisor, Fiona Fogarty has overseen the project. She has been delighted with progress so far and feels that  “The engagement of the children and the sense of confidence that the Chatta story format instilled in the children was magical. The adults who knew the children could not believe how willing they were to retell the story and how the rehearsal and photo prompts enabled them to do it. They were delighted that children who would normally hold back seemed particularly eager to volunteer.”

Fiona also is very keen to involve families with Chatta and explains “It really brought it home to me that the sooner their parents could tap into Chatta they could also support them and get all the pleasure of that sense of empowerment that must be a rarity for many.I’m really hopeful that Chatta will provide an effective bridge for parent involvement; one that will lead to strong support for school but also enjoyment for the parents and children to share as they turn their experiences into stories.”

Chatta co-founder, Chris Williams, has visited all 10 schools and is impressed with the quick progress Chatta is making.

”Every school has a dedicated Chatta Champion leading the implementation of Chatta. The approach is simple and doesn’t add to workload but it definitely needs someone guiding its use in school. The impact I’ve seen has been incredible. Outcomes in speaking in sentences and fluent sequenced oral narrative have been very strong. In one school last week a boy with a severe stammer stood up and told a story to his class confidently and without any hesitation, or stammering. He’d only just experienced Chatta for the first time. The approach is extremely powerful”