Teach Early Years Award Winner

Chatta is amongst the winners in this year’s Teach Early Years awards, receiving 3 stars in the ‘Communication, Language and Literacy’ category.

Everyone on the Chatta team is absolutely delighted and we would like to thank our schools, practitioners, families and of course Chatta children who have helped make this possible.

From over 400 entries 36 winners (in 12 different categories) have been chosen by a panel of expert judges and having entered national awards for the first time it is an honour for Chatta to be recognised. We designed Chatta to help early years practitioners and parents support children’s progress in essential early language development. So often people have told us that Chatta is “life-changing” and “so powerful yet so simple” and it means so much to the team at Chatta to receive such positive feedback.

The “Teach Early Years” award will take pride of place in our new offices.

If you would like to find out about the unique, award-winning and evidence informed Chatta approach please contact: hello@chatta.co.uk