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Teacher Coaching With Chatta: Classroom Impact Guaranteed

Chatta Training/ Teacher Coaching

We can provide 1:1 teacher training and ongoing coaching to tailor the powerful classroom impact of the Chatta approach to meet the priorities and challenges of every teacher.

Chatta is perfect for you If you are a teacher who:

  • Wants to make a bigger impact in lessons
  • Wants to make all lessons inclusive, removing barriers to learning for every pupil.
  • Wants to save time with lesson planning and preparation
  • Wants to embrace evidence-informed classroom practice
  • Is prepared to make small and simple changes in lesson structure and delivery

We confidently guarantee rapid and sustained impact for all pupils, providing a teacher uses the Chatta approach for at least 30 minutes twice a week. This will not distract from any lesson activities, existing plans and curriculum. It will save time and strengthen all existing good practice.

Key Areas of Impact:

Speaking/Oracy, Writing, Vocabulary Use, Memory and Retention.

Any Age. Any Subject. Any Level. Early Years. Primary. Secondary. Specialist.

How It Works

The training is provided at a personal training session (webinar at a time suited to the teacher), a simple implementation plan and ongoing support as required will lead to the Chatta approach being used in the classroom on a regular bases.

What’s Included

  • Full Training and personal teacher coaching.
  • 1 year software license for Chatta.
  • Chatta resource library.
  • 35 parent access licenses including over 1000 creative home learning activities.


Booking and Costs

Contact our team by email : hello@chatta.co.uk to arrange your initial  training session. This will last between 1 and 2 hours and will result in a Chatta implementation plan and full guidance for the next steps. Weekly follow up support by email will continue for 4 weeks with help and guidance available as required throughout the year.

£300 + VAT per person per year.  (reducing to £150 per year in year 2 if parent access is not required)


If after 1 month using the Chatta approach (as outlined during the training)  significant progress has not been made by pupils, based on criteria agreed by the teacher during the training, we will provide a full refund of all money paid.


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