Toddler speech ‘key issue’ for education – BBC News

Toddler speech ‘key issue’ for education – BBC News

Another high profile report has highlighted the urgent need to address delayed progress in spoken language in the early years, this time focusing on Scotland.

Save the Children has suggested three actions to be carried out to address this issue.

1. Qualified teachers and graduates with speech and language expertise in every nursery

2. Training for all early-years workers in how to support language development

3. Support for parents to help encourage their child’s speaking skills

Save the Children’s research found children who struggle with speech and language in their early years are often still behind their peers in key literacy skills at age 11. And it suggested that one in five children in the country growing up in poverty will not be reading well by the time they leave primary school.

Save the Children policy manager Vicky Crichton said “a significant number of children are showing signs of struggling. At the moment, poverty is damaging too many children’s education before they have even set foot in a classroom. If we’re serious about closing the gap we must seize the chance to take action – not just in our schools, but to support children’s learning in their first few months and years.”

chatta takes this issue seriously and has been designed to address this alarming trend on a larger scale. chatta focuses in the first instance on the skill, practice and understanding of early years practitioners and then on strengthening partnerships with parents and carers. All of chatta’s training and resources build up and maximise opportunities for high-quality language rich environments and activities for developing children.

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