Spoken language is recognised as one of the most important aspects of any child’s development

What Others Say

Feedback from Nurseries, Schools, Childminders and Early Years Advisors.

Chatta gives us a focus to develop children's language skills, a voice for children and 1:1 focus time between practitioner and child.
Manni Sangha, Lead Nursery Teacher
Chatta is accessible to all, regardless of background, It will enable partnerships between practitioners, parents and families and provide all children will exciting and endless opportunities.
Elanine Potter, Early Year Practitioner
I can see a real difference in the children's learning and outcomes.
Laura Waslin, Nursery Nurse
Chatta is really easy to use and it is making a difference. It's not about the children sitting on an iPad - it's about us using the technology in a way this is very focused on supporting them.
Carolyn White, Reception Class Teacher
Chatta provides a focus to develop children's language skills and the resources that support it are brilliant!
Linda Simpson, Nursery Manager
We are using Chatta to support the teaching of phonics. Being able to record the voice of both practitioner and pupil is providing endless opportunities.
Lian Roberts, Reception Teacher

In my role as Special Needs Co-ordinator, the chatta approach has helped children with a range of needs, including autism and dyslexia, make real progress. Teaching assistants enjoy the simplicity and impact of chatta and feedback from parents and carers is extremely positive.

Anna Howard
Assistant headteacher & SENCO, Bellfield Primary School

chatta is an approach that we are using inside and outside the classroom to reinforce our focus on speaking and listening. The approach has very quickly become central to our practice and what we do in lessons. Teachers are extremely positive about it as part of wider learning support in the classroom.

Andrew Smith
Executive Head, Lyons Hall, Essex

High quality training based on the very best practice which supports all children. Our schools need chatta!

Cheryl Bowers
Senior Early Years Advisor, Hull

Children in Scotland are introducing chatta to their membership to share good practice and to give children the best possible start in life. chatta allows the sharing of knowledge and resources to support practitioners in achieving this.

Simon Massey
Head of Development, Children in Scotland