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Chatta is a whole-class approach to teaching and learning based on audio-visual scaffolding and modelled language/oral rehearsal. Chatta can be used simply and effectively by teachers of pupils of all ages, in all subjects and at all levels.

To try Chatta for yourself in your class just click to choose the training you want to access. 

Chatta can help everyone in your class, and is especially strong for pupils facing challenges related to working memory, sequencing, processing, vocabulary use, oral and written composition.

If you have any questions or would like any help or more suggestions for classroom activities our team of experienced teachers will be happy to assist- just get in touch!

We also can provide training and Chatta demonstration activities at your school - just ask!

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The Chatta software makes audio-visual teaching quick, easy and fun for everyone involved. Teachers can use the software for whole-class teaching, individual pupil devices are not required.

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Chatta helps all pupils make progress in spoken language skills and vocabulary use. The modelling and scaffolding can also remove barriers to learning for pupils facing challenges with working memory, sequencing and processing.

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Chatta activities are quick and easy to prepare and can fit with every subject, age group and level. The software includes hundreds of activity templates instantly available for you to use in your classroom.

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Why Chatta?

Chatta is an inclusive whole-class approach to language and communication for pupils of all ages. 

Its audio-visual method combines proven principles such as dual-coding, retrieval practice and cognitive load theory with scaffolding, modelled language and oral rehearsal, to significantly improve all pupils’ language and communication.

What Chatta users say about us

I find it great that Chatta develops language in a way that can be differentiated to every child’s specific needs or interests… When we use Chatta consistently, we always see progress.  It helps contextualise the language if the children can see it in action and put themselves in the actions.”

McMillan Nursery

“When we introduced the Chatta teaching approach into our classrooms, the effect was almost instantaneous. It was simply amazing. Children who couldn’t previously write sentences were producing sentences that an adult could read. It was amazing watching them – their sense of achievement was so high after a Chatta lesson because of what the approach had enabled them to produce.”

Cherry Burton Primary School


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The software is designed for whole class teaching and uses audio-visual scaffolding and modelling to help pupils develop oral composition and explanation skills.