A Powerful Classroom Approach Ensuring Confident Speakers, Fearless Writers and Deep Learners. All Ages. All Subjects.

The Chatta approach removes barriers to learning in all subjects, all ages and all levels. The Chatta approach enables teachers and teaching assistants to ensure the very best progress in oracy, vocabulary use, writing, memory and wider learning.

Chatta can support the development priorities of schools with our training, resources, software and ongoing support. 

Early Years

Chatta’s unique approach to early years teaching and learning provides all children with the very best foundations to achieve and exceed early years milestones in communication and language.

Special Needs

Chatta provides training and resources to maximize the impact of inclusive teaching and interventions to support children in making progress and overcoming challenges.

New Language

The Chatta approach to teaching new languages supports teachers with effective methods relevant to every topic and social situation. It is structured to support learners of all ages and stages.


The Chatta approach strengthens skills in speaking for all pupils. Chatta activities are built around oral interaction and presentation, using talk to bridge the gap between thinking and writing.


Chatta offers a high-impact resource for teachers and teaching assistants working with disadvantaged children, designed to close gaps in attainment and build confidence for all learners.


Chatta helps parents and carers to support their child’s learning and development. Children love it and parents are guided  by Chatta’s growing bank of activities to support learning at home.