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Chatta vocabulary use and oral sentence composition through audio-visual scaffolding and modelling.

How To Get Started With Chatta

Chatta training is practical and outcome-focused.

Following the training, staff will be fully prepared to teach with Chatta effortlessly. All Chatta training courses include access to the award-winning Chatta software, a huge bank of editable activity resources and ongoing support from the Chatta team.

We offer:

  • School based training for staff
  • Classroom demonstrations¬†
  • Training courses

For schools new to Chatta we recommend: 

  • Classroom demonstrations for staff to observe the impact and simplicity of Chatta.
  • 2 hour practical staff training session.¬†

Contact Us

Contact us to find out how Chatta can make a difference for the pupils at your school. We can explain how Chatta can help and plan the next steps.

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