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Chatta’s evidence-based approach breaks down barriers to learning and creates an inclusive classroom.

Quality first teaching gives every pupil the opportunity to succeed.

Chatta provides training and resources to maximise the impact of interventions to support children in making progress and overcoming challenges.

Inclusive Whole-Class Teaching

When the Chatta approach is used for whole-class teaching, barriers to learning are removed for all students. Chatta is effective in all subjects and at all levels. The simple but powerful approach combines audio-visual scaffolding, modelled language, oral rehearsal and interaction leading to progress in speaking, writing, vocabulary use and memory. Chatta transforms the learning experience for students with autism, dyslexia, sequencing difficulties and developmental language disorder.

Chatta for Interventions

Chatta is extremely effective when used by teaching assistants and specialist support staff leading interventions with pupils. The approach can be used to teach any subject and aspect of learning. Chatta provides hundreds of activities and lesson resources, giving staff a powerful toolkit to help all children achieve their potential. Progress with Chatta is rapid and sustained and one of Chatta’s key strengths is that the approach quickly closes gaps in attainment for pupils with additional support needs.

One to One and Family Support

Chatta is used for pupils who receive additional support on a 1:1 basis. The approach makes all aspects of learning accessible including curricular, social and functional objectives. Chatta has specialist support, resources and strategies for:

• Autism Spectrum Disorders
• Dyslexia
• Speech and Language Interventions
• Deaf and Hearing-Impaired Approaches
• Working with Parents and Carers

• Supporting Teaching Assistants
• Sequencing and Memory Disorders
• Emotional and Behavioural Support
• Social Skills and Interaction
• Personalised Learning

dyslexia classroom resource


The Chatta approach helps children with dyslexia retain the lesson subject while building their confidence with oral and written assignments.

autism classroom resource


Chatta's powerful visual approach supports autistic children and young people's progress in social and communication skills, along with all areas of learning.

Special School Resources

Special Schools

Chatta helps special schools maximise progress for children and young people, and their families, through training, teaching resources and a unique and powerful teaching and learning approach.

Inclusive Classroom Teaching


Using the Chatta approach reduces the need to separate children based on their abilities and develops an inclusive classroom culture.


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Chatta Benefits for Special Educational Needs

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What People Say

Fiona Henry

EYFS Leader
Chatta is working a treat! The vocabulary the children are now using is amazing.

Abi Rodgers

Assistant Headteacher
Chatta's simple step by step approach to improving children's confidence, vocabulary and knowledge is so easy to implement.

Ruth Newton

Year 6 Teacher
Even at the end of the day, at the end of the week, all my children were are enthusiastic, keen to speak and keen to write when Chatta is supporting them.

Katie Hannah

EYFS teacher
I feel so passionate about the positive effects that Chatta has had on our children. I cannot recommend Chatta enough.

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