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Chatta offers staff training, school development support, classroom demonstrations and the unique Chatta software.

Getting Started

Every school working with Chatta has different needs, challenges and priorities. We work closely with school leaders to design a clear and effective implementation plan to ensure staff are confident teaching with Chatta and seeing impact for pupils straight away.

Online training is available, with sessions throughout the year. All Chatta software subscriptions include full access to online training sessions, plus planning and activity support as required.

Schools can also book training sessions and classroom demonstrations at school as required. We can work closely with school leaders to support any teaching and learning development priorities.

Chatta Subscription Costs

The annual cost of the Chatta software is:

£200 (+VAT) for individual teachers

£600 (+VAT) for up to 10 teachers

£800 (+VAT) for up to 20 teachers

£1000 (+VAT) for up to 30 teachers

This includes:

  • Software access for teachers and teaching assistants, and pupils/families (if required)
  • Access to Chatta's editable template resources
  • Online Training Courses (Unlimited)
  • Planning and activity support (as required)
  • Technical Support

In-School Training Costs

Full Day with Chris Williams:    £650 (+VAT)

Half Day:                                   £350 (+VAT)

Plus at-cost travel expenses (from Hull)

Training with Chris is planned with the school to ensure we provide your school with the best start with Chatta. It can include classroom demonstrations, staff training sessions, teacher coaching sessions, parent workshops and planning support.



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