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Chatta is a simple, powerful whole-school, whole-class approach to inclusive, language-rich teaching and learning.

Why Choose Chatta?

There are many reasons to choose Chatta. The approach can be used easily with students of any age, in all subjects, at any level and in any language. Classroom impact is immediate.

Chatta makes a difference in all primary year groups, from EYFS to Y6, strengthening:

  • vocabulary use, speaking, oracy and oral composition and writing.
  • writing fluency, enabling children to become fearless, creative and confident writers.
  • success and progress for children facing challenges related to working memory, sequencing and processing.
  • Inclusive teaching for children with Special Educational Needs.
  • language acquisition and confidence for children who are new to English.
  • retrieval practice, understanding and retention for all students.


Chatta Helps In So Many Ways!

Chatta puts into the importance of oral skills at the heart of teaching and learning. It makes a difference in many areas, working memory, processing skills, confidence issues, vocabulary building, EAL but at the same time is a useful scaffold for many contexts that aren’t related to targeted support.

Chatta can be an intervention and/or a whole school tool at the same time. If children can’t talk they can’t write. Reading can give them vocabulary but speaking helps them form the sentences.

Chatta incorporates many elements of established and proven teaching strategies so it ‘makes sense’ to teachers and consolidates a lot of good elements into one practice.  Chatta is simple, intuitive and not time-consuming for teachers.

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