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Oracy Across the Curriculum

Talk is the best way to drive learning in the classroom.

As technology is reshaping the way we communicate and interact – oracy has never been more important. Speaking is one of the biggest indicators of success in later life. Increasingly, evidence and research highlights that “oral narrative competence” forms the basis for future writing competence.  The chatta approach gives every child a voice. It combines experiences, knowledge and understanding with modelled language and oral rehearsal.

Chatta is a new way of learning. Chatta is a powerful and accessible innovation in terms of linking learning, language and working memory

Chris Williams, Chatta Founder

Oracy Across the Curriculum

By making oracy across the curriculum a clear focus chatta will:

  • Engage every learner in talk
  • Allow pupils to focus and organise their thoughts
  • Provide a clear focus for dialogue to take place
  • Instil an approach to support children’s working memory 
  • Enable pupils to rehearse explanations and articulate their understanding
  • Build confidence in using sequenced oral narrative language
  • Encourage pupils to reflect on, review and improve oral language – in a similar way to the way written work is redrafted
Oracy Across the Curriculum
Oracy across the curriculum graphic

Cross Curricular Oracy Projects

Chatta’s cross-curricular oracy projects in maths, history, geography, science and writing (5 – 11 Year Olds) present ideas, examples and models which can be applied and adapted for:

  • Developing oral narrative fluency
  • Explaining and learning new methods
  • Building knowledge and understanding
  • Memorising and recall

Chatta App and Video Guides


The chatta app (iOS and Android) engages every learner in talk on all subjects across the curriculum. It encourage pupils to reflect on, review and improve oral language – in a similar way to the way written work is redrafted. Linking images and voice recordings, children build up to a deeper understanding of order and sequence, leading to oral fluency and narrative competence.  The images and voice recordings also provide a perfect tool for children to rehearse oral narratives for the purpose of reflection and revision. Adult descriptions provide a powerful model for the children to listen to and link language to their experiences.

App and Guide Image for Oracy

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