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Pocklington school case study

Pocklington School

When the children start school there’s always a wide range of needs, whether they are … Continued

Abbots Lea Case Study

Abbot’s Lea School Case Study

As an early years teacher at Abbot’s Lea School, I feel it’s vital that we … Continued

Recent stories

How to create a dyslexia-friendly classroom – checklist included

The first step to creating a dyslexia-friendly classroom is to learn about dyslexia and understand the challenges a child with dyslexia faces during their time…


Chatta is one of the 50 most exciting companies in Yorkshire

Insider Media Award: 50 Most Exciting Companies in Yorkshire It is an exciting start to 2021 for the Chatta team and the schools and families…


Teacher Coaching With Chatta: Classroom Impact Guaranteed

Chatta Training/ Teacher Coaching We can provide 1:1 teacher training and ongoing coaching to tailor the powerful classroom impact of the Chatta approach to meet…


Daniel’s Story – Dyslexia in the classroom

Daniel was 4 when he started school, and there quickly became two different Daniels. There was an engaged, chatty Daniel at home, and a disengaged,…


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