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Amazing Progress: Daniel’s Chatta Journey

Daniel has dyslexia. Daniel’s mum, Dianne, explains how the Chatta approach has helped him. How … Continued

Huge Progress: Tyler’s Chatta Story

Tyler is 7 and is autistic. The Chatta Approach has been used by both Tyler’s … Continued

Recent stories

News just in: New data shows Chatta’s strong impact on progress in speaking

Brilliant news for Chatta:  Strong impact in Hull is leading to city-wide launch for families  Chatta’s impact in Hull. Chatta was introduced to families across the…


Dual Coding and Evidence Informed Teaching

Dual Coding and Evidence Informed Teaching “people learn more deeply from words and pictures than from words alone” Professor Richard Meyer The theory of ‘dual…


10 different ways Chatta is making an impact on learning

How is Chatta used? Chatta’s main focus is oral narrative competence as evidence demonstrates that this is the most significant indicator of future writing competence….


Oracy and Writing: Why does your school need ‘chatta’?

Oracy and Writing: Why does your school need ‘chatta’? It is widely known that ‘if children can’t say it, they can’t write it’ So, where…


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