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Christmas Activities EYFS Children playing

12 Educational Christmas Activities For EYFS

Christmas is such a joyous time to work with young children. It is a busy … Continued

Teaching Sequencing Skills in Early Years Childhood Education

5 Techniques for Teaching Sequencing Skills in Early Years Childhood Education

The ability to read and write well begins in infancy. Even before a baby is … Continued

Recent stories

Cognitive load theory: how it impacts your classroom

Cognitive load theory may be the single most important thing for teachers to know. At least, that’s the opinion of Teacher, Researcher, and Writer Dylan…


Characteristics of Effective Learning in the Early Years

Contents1 What is a characteristic of effective learning?2 Why are characteristics of effective learning key to development?3 How are the characteristics of effective learning used…


Development Matters and the revisions to the EYFS framework

The Department of Education has published an update to ‘Development Matters’, a non-statutory curriculum guide that supports the delivery of the revised early years foundation…


Developing Early Language at 12-24 months: A time of rapid development

The ages of 12-24 months are pivotal for a child’s development. During this period, a child’s skills and sensory awareness develop rapidly. Toddlers at this…


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