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Pocklington Infant School Case Study

Headteacher of Pocklington Infant School, Dr Lynn Bartram, has led her school’s implementation and regular … Continued

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300% Improvement in Oracy Skills and Vocabulary Use With Chatta in One Year

Swinemoor Primary School in Beverley, East Yorkshire started working with Chatta in September 2020. Deputy … Continued

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A Simple and Effective Structure for Developing Oracy to Support Reading and Writing

Claire Davies and Jane Simpkins, School Improvement Officers for reading and writing, at the Yorkshire-based Waterton Trust, have recently seen the impact of Chatta in…


Modelled Language in the Classroom

As teachers, we model language all the time. Every word we say! It would be interesting to look at a transcript of the language a…


The Power of The Invisible Microphone

The practice of ‘thinking out loud’, unscripted speaking, turning thoughts into words in the here and now can be very valuable and is a skill…


Pocklington School

When the children start school there’s always a wide range of needs, whether they are additional or circumstantial. Last year, for example, I had an…


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