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Development Matters and the revisions to the EYFS framework

Development Matters and the revisions to the EYFS framework

The Department of Education has published an update to ‘Development Matters’, a non-statutory curriculum guide … Continued

Developing Early Language

Developing Early Language at 12-24 months: A time of rapid development

The ages of 12-24 months are pivotal for a child’s development. During this period, a … Continued

Recent stories

Modelled Language in the Classroom

As teachers, we model language all the time. Every word we say! It would be interesting to look at a transcript of the language a…


The Power of The Invisible Microphone

The practice of ‘thinking out loud’, unscripted speaking, turning thoughts into words in the here and now can be very valuable and is a skill…


New Software Development: Have Your Say

Have your say! We are soon to be entering the next stage of our Software Development and have lots of new features planned including: Simple…


Introducing Chatta’s New Online Training

All teachers and teaching assistants working with Chatta have full access to our online Members’ Area. If you haven’t already registered you will need to…


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