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A Simple Way To Support Early Language Development

  Vicky Thomas, Early Years Lead, and Sarah Marchant, LRC teacher, from Monkton Priory Community … Continued

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Making an Impact on Communication, Language and Vocabulary in EYFS classes

Early years practitioner Mandy Masterman, from Boothferry Primary School, explains how Chatta is making an … Continued

Recent stories

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7 EYFS Mother’s Day Activities

Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion for EYFS practitioners to introduce children to new vocabulary about family. In addition, Mother’s Day activities allow children’s imagination…


10 EYFS Maths Activities for World Maths Day

World Maths Day offers EYFS practitioners the perfect opportunity to teach young children new vocabulary related to maths and science. After all, maths in the…


10 EYFS Science Activities for British Science Week

British Science Week offers children the perfect opportunity to learn new vocabulary about the wonderful world of science. After all, science education contains a lot…


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