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Summer Story Festival

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This summer we are inviting children aged 4 to 11 to create and share their own Chatta stories in our new festival of stories, the Chatta Summer Story Festival.

Children can make the stories themselves or with family members using the Chatta software.

Chatta stories are like talking postcards, combining sequences of images and voice recordings, and making them helps children’s creativity, imagination, vocabulary use and oral language skills. 

The short stories can be about anything at all! A simple suggestion is to think of a character, a setting, an activity the character is involved in, a problem, a solution and an ending. The stories can be adventure stories, mystery stories, exciting stories, true stories – any type of stories!

Pictures can be chosen directly from the Chatta software, or photos can be added, of toys, pets, places, drawings…anything!. The Chatta software has voice recording buttons on every picture to make storytelling so easy. Making stories with Chatta is quick, fun and the possibilities are endless.

It’s free to take part and to get involved parents/carers can register by completing this short form to receive access to the software, instructions on how to make a Chatta story, and some ideas and suggestions.

Any stories the children make can be entered into our ‘Chatta Summer Story Festival’ so their stories can be shared for others to enjoy. There is also a chance to win a small prize.

To hear and see an example of a Chatta Story click the image below. This short story about a dragon was made up by 5 year olds!


IMG 4950


If you have any questions, please contact us by email: [email protected]

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