Chatta Club for Primary and Secondary Special Needs Co-ordinators

For primary/secondary Special Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinators Supporting Pupils with Additional Support Needs during the COVID-19 Pandemic Chatta is a classroom approach based on audio-visual scaffolding, modelled language and oral rehearsal. It leads to strong progress in speaking, writing, understanding and retention. The approach is used as a whole class teaching method in primary, secondary […] Read more

Chatta Changes Lives! Join Us

  Chatta is a simple, powerful classroom approach which is used by teachers and teaching assistants and by families at home. The approach was designed to combine a number of proven methods which impact most strongly on learning and retention, including dual-coding, cognitive load theory and the cognitive theory of multimedia learning. Chatta is extremely […] Read more

Securing Writing at Greater Depth: A powerful approach to improve outcomes for all pupils

Chatta can improve writing outcomes for every pupil attending your school. Would you like to find out how? Chatta is a teaching approach built on a simple and strong pedagogical design which makes an immediate and sustained impact in: Oracy Across the Curriculum Writing at Greater Depth Chatta impacts on pupils, staff and parents and maximises all […] Read more

Chatta Free Trial Project: Liverpool 24th February 2020

Chatta Free Trial Project: Liverpool 24th February 2020 Chatta is a simple teaching approach used in schools across the UK and overseas providing a strong and sustained impact on communication, language and literacy. The approach can be used by teachers of pupils of all ages and is immediately effective, supporting pupil progress, staff development and parental engagement. There […] Read more

Chatta in Helsinki

Chatta founder, Chris Williams, led workshops in schools in Helsinki last week as part of Helsinki Education Week. Chris was joined by Cheryl Bowers, Head of Early Years Workforce in Hull. There were many highlights of the week, the most exciting was the launch event of the HundrED Summit where Chatta was named as one […] Read more