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Chatta Scores HundrED Hat Trick

Chatta has been named as one of the world’s most inspiring innovations in education for the third
year running. Global education non-profit organisation, HundrED, considered over 5,000 candidates
for its 2021 Global Collection, and Chatta has repeated its successes of 2019 and 2020 by being
selected as one of the top 100 most impactful education innovations for 2021. Chatta’s classroom
approach combines quality first teaching with multi-media technology to help children become
attentive listeners, confident speakers and fearless writers.

The Chatta approach was developed by ex-teacher Chris Williams and has shown remarkable impact
on students’ speech and writing. Designed for whole class teaching, it also shows particularly strong
results for children with special educational needs and disabilities, disadvantaged children and
children who are learning English as a second language. HundrED’s researchers were particularly
impressed this year with the work done by the Chatta team during school closures. Teachers using
Chatta were able to transition seamlessly to a remote teaching and learning model without having to
learn new methods, and children were able to submit their work via the platform whilst continuing
to practise their oracy skills. Chatta was also made available free of charge to thousands of familiesin over 20 countries and activities and resources were distributed daily to all users. 

Williams said: “We are thrilled to be recognised by HundrED for the third year in a row. In the  current crisis, our innovation is even more relevant. The pandemic has presented educators with  many new challenges, and technology has been the default solution. But whilst our ‘phones, tablets  and computers allow us to communicate more than ever before, we are speaking less and less. Talk  is the halfway house between thinking and writing and Chatta helps children to bridge that gap.  Oracy and oral competence are key indicators of future success and our mission is to get children  talking more, whether that’s in the classroom or at home”.

Saku Tuominen, Chairman of HundrED, added: “Every year we look at Chatta, it’s innovation and  worldwide potential grows stronger. The problem Chatta aims to solve is a global one, and we hope  HundrED’s involvement will extend their reach to help millions of children around the world.” 

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