Chatta, International Launch Event: BETT 2017, Excel, London

What is chatta? chatta is a unique resource and teaching approach designed to accelerate children’s speech and language skills with impact on development and progress in the early years and beyond. Tablet technology, a wealth of resources and high impact online features combine to ensure world class classroom innovation, the strongest parent partnerships and children able to […] Read more

Who is Chatta?

chatta was developed over 3 years in hundreds of nurseries and schools as part of a project called “Talking With Technology” led by Chris Williams in partnership with a 20 member early years advisory team.  During this period Chris Williams and David Andrews also worked directly with children and staff in hundreds of schools across […] Read more

New Chatta Courses December 2016

In December chatta will be presenting full day training sessions in Hull (8th), London (12th) and Grantham (14th). “Proven impact on communication and language in the early years (and beyond).” Please contact the chatta team to find out more. For schools, nurseries and childminders looking to make a real impact on learning, standards and progress there really […] Read more

Talk about the day

People have choices. Dinner, or whatever you call the evening meal, can be a mobile phone, tv & radio free zone. If at all possible, this is a very good choice and family priority. As much as possible, everyone should sit together and talk about the day that’s been, and what might be happening tomorrow. […] Read more

Talking and thinking in pictures

SEND specialist Chris Williams, outlines a unique audio-visual approach that supports children’s ability to articulate their thoughts and progress their learning. As a teacher, and as a learner, I have always believed in the old adage: ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ Whatever the situation, pictures can capture ideas, memories, key facts… in fact, […] Read more

A picture held us captive

Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein in his work 1953 work Philosophical Investigations considered the links between pictures and language a great deal. The author would probably not have imagined the pace at which we now can take, view and share pictures. Children are exposed to a varying range of experiences as they grow and learn. Each of these brings […] Read more