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Talk for Boys (Girls Too)

Boys are falling behind in literacy. Last year alone, 80,000 boys in England started school struggling to speak in sentences or follow instructions.

Save the Children

Chatta offers a solution to break the cycle of disengaged, reluctant boy learners and enable them to become better communicators by creating the right conditions for their learning. The projects are lively, interactive and exciting and do appeal to boy boys and girls.

Talk for Boys' Projects:

  • Utilise boys’ fascinations and learning preferences as a starting point for planning.
  • Provide an environment for opportunities for exploration and curiosity.
  • Use chatta’s unique approach to capture the experiences which focus on boys’ interests and link these to different types of talk.
  • Intrinsically motivates boys by using technology.

Why do we need to focus on boys?

Boys are falling behind in literacy. Save the Children (2016) launched a powerful new report laying bare the potentially devastating and lifelong consequences for boys in England who start school significantly trailing girls in basic early language skills.

The report highlights that last year alone, 80,000 boys in England started reception class struggling to speak a full sentence or follow simple instructions. Based on newly commissioned research from the University of Bristol, ‘The Lost Boys: How boys are falling behind in their early years’ finds that being behind on the first day of school is often an indicator that these boys will stay behind, potentially for life!

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